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Our concentrates are manufactured in an ISO certified laboratory. They are stored in hermetically sealed containers. These containers are stocked in our clean room for bottling. Our clean room is equipped with a positive pressure ventilation and HEPA filtration system. Our staff wear eye-shields, protective clothing, hairnets, beard-nets, and gloves. We use food grade stainless steel equipment.

How can these flavours be used?
Our flavours are multi-purpose, they have a huge variety of uses, from making candy and baking to flavouring coffee and DIY liquids.

What are the ingredients? 
Our flavours are PG based and water-soluble, created with natural and artificial flavouring. Specific ingredients of each flavour are listed on the product page.

Are your gallons US or Imperial? 
We use US gallons (3785ml).

What is the suggested dilution ratio? 
The usage rate for most of our Super Concentrated Flavours range from 1% to 4%. Specific information is available on individual product pages.

Do your flavours contain Diketones? 
Yes, many of our flavours do contain diketones.

Can I see the SDS of each product? 
Our SDS are available from If an SDS is not yet listed, please contact us and we will send you the SDS.