Brewing & Distilling with Flavours

If you haven't received samples, we offer free sample packs of 1oz flavours for businesses to find the right flavours to enhance their products. Get a sample pack.

Once you have received your samples, this page provides a quick overview to help you get started with flavouring your beverages. After a little experimenting you'll be able to turn an already good tasting beverage into a great tasting experience.

Approximate Usage in Beverages
0.1 — 0.3% by volume
Unit of measurement Amount of flavour (approx.)
1 BBL (31 Gallons) 4 — 12oz
100 Gallon Still 12 — 36oz
1 Hectoliter (100 Liter) 100 — 300mL

Getting Started
  • Add flavour after fermentation is complete.
  • Start low, it is better to have a subtle back note of flavour than to use too much and ruin an entire batch.
  • Experiment with flavouring a finished product before trying a full batch. Example: Add 1ml (0.1%) of flavour to 1000ml of beer.

Available Sizes

of Flavour

Flavour 41 — 125 gallons of beer

of Flavour

Flavour 83 — 250 gallons of cider

1 Gallon
of Flavour

Flavour 333 — 1000 gallons of kombucha

5 Gallons
of Flavour

Flavour 1,666 — 5,000 gallons of whiskey

55 Gallons
of Flavour

Flavour 18,000 — 55,000 gallons of seltzer

275 Gallons
of Flavour

Flavour 91,000 — 275,000 gallons of vodka

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Custom Flavours

If you're looking for a flavour that isn't in our library, or would like specific ingredients, certifications, or a different base, we offer custom flavour manufacturing. Learn more.